About Pro8mm

Pro8mm has been  INNOV8ING  Super 8 since 1973.  Originally called Super 8 Sound ™ , the company was  located in Cambridge Mass.  Super8 Sound was best known for  inventing sync sound for Super 8 film.   With an  expansion to California in 1987, and renamed Pro8mm in 1991 (for the Professional use of Super 8 film) , we have worked on thousands of projects for class=”mceItemHidden”> the motion picture and television industry.  Our client base runs the range from world famous directors and cinematographers such as Oliver Stone, Joel Schumakker, Jonathan  Toll, James Chressenthis , Jim Jamusch,  as well as award winning  independent filmmakers such as Ondi Timoner .   We are best known for our work with the music industry, having been a part of hundreds of music videos,  including The Nike “Revolution” Spot, Paula Abduls “Straight Up”, Madonna’s “Erotica”, Jewel’s “Goodbye Alice in Wonderland”, Beck’s “Modern Guilt” , Kidd Rock’s “All Summer Long” and dozens of shows for VH-1 and MTV.  We have provided workflows for commercials that feature hundreds on top brands, tv shows such as True Blood and Brothers and Sisters.  We are also known for our state of the art broadcast quality archiving , and have had  the distinct pleasure of  scanning to digital  the world’s most famous faces , rock bands and historical events.

Among our most notable   technical accomplishments  is the invention of Super 8 negative film in 1993.  Before this time only reversal stocks were available.  By reformatting Kodak and Fuji 35mm film and loading it into a Super 8 cartridge, this invention of negative film that forever changed the way people would use Super 8 film.  In 2005 we invented Max 6, a 16 x9 widescreen format that allows you to shoot super 8 in the modern aspect ration. 

We are located at 2805 West Magnolia Blvd., Burbank, CA  91505  818-848-5522.   Visit us at www.pro8mm.com or email  info@pro8mm.com

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